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We are the UniiTELL , World's Largest VoIP Telecom & IT Service provider. We serve Quality first, and then talk about pricing. We provide DID, Toll-Free, Online PBX, FAX, Voice Mail Service, Call Center Predictive Auto Dialer and A - Z Destination VoIP Route,

DID TOLL-FREE Virtual Numbers


UniiTELLProvides VoIP DID numbers and TOLL-FREE numbers in 8500+ Rate Centers all over USA, UK, and CANADA. We specialize in providing reliable, high quality DID numbers with no minimum commitments at a cost that you can afford. One time Setup charge of $17 per DID number applies. Flat rate DIDs have a limit of 5000 inbound minutes, per DID per month. Any extra minutes will be charged at $0.008 per minute. Please contact us special pricing. VoIP DID Number with metered inbound (Pay as you go).$12 per DID + $5 one time activation fee.$0.01 per incoming minute. Each DID number supports 10 Channels. Unlimited SIP Trunk solutions for high usage customers like Calling Cards, Call Centers and Call Conferences. Call us +1 818 572 1445

A Toll Free (800, 855, 866, 877,888) number is a special telephone number which is free for the calling party because the call charges are paid by the owner of the Toll Free number. With Toll Free DID’s from UNIITELL your customers can originate calls from US and Canada. The per-minute fee varies upon the Originating country (US or Canada) from which the call originated. Toll Free DID Numbers (Pay as you go)

$10 per TOLL-FREE DID + $5 one time activation fee. $0.029 per minute usage charge for Calls originating in US and $0.029 per minute for calls originating from Canada. UNIITELL calls can be blocked upon request on each Toll Free number. Each Toll Free number supports 20 Channels and can be increased on request at no cost.


Protocol: SIP
Codecs: G711 ulaw, G729
DTMF mode: RFC2833
CallerID Format: NXXXXXXXX

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A - Z VoIP Termination



Wholesale VoIP We take very seriously customer satisfaction, that's why we have build one the best Wholesale VoIP services available at the moment with the best VoIP connection to each destination. We are directly connected with many local services providers and large international telecom carriers. For more information please check our plans and rates.

Wholesale USA - Canada. A service fit for companies who need to call mainly to USA and Canada in high volumes. We are connected with large USA and Canada local carriers allowing us to have nearly unlimited call capacity. We have switches dedicated only to USA Canada Traffic with different calling plans. For more information on plans and rates please contact us.

Call Center VoIP. At UniiTELL Telecom understanding that operating in the call center / Marketing industry can be competitive because of the unique requirements associated with uptime, reliability, call technology like predictive dialers, voice broadcast, we offer great dialer / Call Center VoIP routes to many countries. High CPS demand, low ASR or low ASR can be discussed.. For more information on plans and rates please contact us.

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BPO | Call Center Solutionsimg

Auto Predictive Dialer. Dedicated Direct Calling User Extensions. Personal Voicemail & Team Voicemail. Outbound Calls - Manual, Preview and Predictive. Inbound calls - Automated Call Distribution (ACD). Blended calls (Inbound, Outbound). Scheduled callbacks (Manual & Auto). 3-way Conference and Call Transfers. Interactive voice response (IVR) with Campaign/Queue. Broadcast and Survey Dialing. Multi-Lead List per Campaign. Agents Allocated Simultaneously Multiple Campaigns. Campaign Defined Scripts. Custom Caller ID - Campaign Specific. Custom Call Statuses and Call Dispositions. Hotkeys for quick hang-up and call dispositions. Filter Leads (Dynamically Exclude Numbers from Lists).US, UK and Australia telemarketing compliance. Drop timer with safe-harbor message for FTC compliance. Full Call Recordings or on-demand. Option to Store Call Recordings on your own NAS. Upload and download of customer lists. Leads Filtering. Leads Recycle. Internal DNC and Blacklist. Leads Time zone Restrictions. Real-time Dashboard. Listen-in, Barge-in. Force Log-out. Reports and Analytics

Hosted or Cloud Dialer. We UniiTELL provide hosted Vicidial and Goautodial. You can access it through mobile, tablets and from PC's. We have strong hardware firewall by that we can protect hacking operations.

Data or Leads. We provide good quality and cheap cost leads for Survey, Telecom, Pharmacy, Solar Campaign and any other telemarketing purpose. Contact us today and take test leads. Call us +1 818 572 1445.

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